Payment Solutions Overview

Nuvio Pay offers a range of online payment solutions to merchants who want to simplify their payment processes and increase their revenues. With years of experience in the industry, Nuvio Pay has developed a deep understanding of the challenges merchants face in terms of payment processing, and has customized its solutions to meet those needs and provide the best global payment solutions.


Nuvio Pay provides payment processing solutions for ecommerce businesses that enable merchants to accept online payments securely and efficiently. Our payment gateway integrates seamlessly with many popular ecommerce solution, allowing merchants to easily manage transactions and reduce cart abandonment rates. Nuvio Pay’s ecommerce solutions are designed to help businesses of all sizes optimize their online payment processes and increase revenue.

Retail Terminals:

For merchants with brick-and-mortar stores, Nuvio Pay provides retail payment solutions that simplify the checkout process and provide customers with a seamless payment experience. Our terminals support a variety of payment methods, including credit card payment solutions for retail businesses, EMV chip cards, NFC contactless payments and more.


With the growing popularity of crypto payment, we have formed partnerships with multiple crypto payment gateway to seamlessly integrate their services into our payment processing platform. This integration enables eCommerce merchants to conveniently receive crypto payment gateways from customers worldwide. Our partners in the crypto payment gateway industry support a variety of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and others, making it effortless for merchants to provide their customers with a diverse range of payment options.

ACH and eChecks:

Nuvio Pay offers difference between eCheck and ACH services that allow merchants to accept payments directly from their customers’ bank accounts. These payment methods are especially useful for recurring payments, such as subscriptions or monthly bills.

Alternative Payment Methods:

In addition to traditional payment methods, Nuvio Pay supports a number of alternative payment methods, including mobile wallets, gift cards, and more. By offering a diverse range of alternative payment options, merchants can meet their customers’ unique preferences and increase sales.

Nuvio Pay is committed to providing its merchants with reliable and innovative payment processing solutions. With our cutting-edge technology and exceptional customer support, we make it easy for merchants to accept online payments securely and efficiently, so they can focus on growing their businesses.

Nuvio Pay has years of experience in processing “card-not-present” merchant accounts. Nuvio Pay can help you easily establish a merchant account. The entire application process will take just minutes of your time. Plus, your personal Nuvio Pay account manager will be there to assist you every step of the way.












Our payment processing solutions not only save you time and money, but it also provides a secure and reliable online payment platform that helps you build trust with your customers.